Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Now I know at least one thing.

I got confirmation last night that the segment I share with my cousins is DePriest line and not Nicholson. It has to be DePriest because my cousins share this same segment with a match that has no Nicholson connections, but does share a DePriest common ancestor.

I have a Nicholson without DePriest match who is planning on uploading to Gedmatch.  It is a distant cousin, but should give me some idea what chromosome and segment I am looking for.

Here is what I have so far:

The results on Ancestry are as follows:

Green Christopher H Depriest and Louisa Elizabeth Nicholson

Edward Martin Depriest7144th Cousins3rd Cousin 1x Removed
Josephine louella DePriest6564th Cousins2nd Cousin 2x Removed
Edward Martin Depriest27.614th Cousins3rd Cousin 1x Removed
Edward Martin Depriest1924th Cousins3rd Cousin 1x Removed

Green DePriest and Mary POLLY Allen
Solomon C. Depriest14.52Distant Cousins4th Cousin 1x Removed

William DePriest and Rebecca Charity Casey
Isaac Depriest8.71Distant Cousins6th Cousins

John A "Jack" Nicholson and Martha Malinda Berry
Mary Adaline Nicholson3124th Cousins4th Cousin 1x Removed
Tamer Jane Nicholson15.61Distant Cousins4th Cousins 1x Removed
Mary Adaline Nicholson8.71Distant Cousins5th Cousins
Sarah Loucressie Nicholson6.51Distant Cousins5th Cousins

James William Nicholson and Lucretia Dover
Isaac "Ike" Nicholson24.824th Cousins4th Cousin 2x Removed
Isaac "Ike" Q Nicholson6.61Distant Cousins4th Cousin 2x Removed

Isaac Nicholson and Che-Wah-Nih Betsy Walkingstick
Isaac (1776) Nicholson17.52Distant Cousins6th Cousins 1x Removed
Sarah Walkingstick - Nicholson14.62Distant Cousins6th Cousins 1x Removed
Isaac (1776) Nicholson12.71Distant Cousins7th Cousin
Isaac (1776) Nicholson11.32Distant Cousins6th Cousins 1x Removed
Isaac (1776) Nicholson112Distant Cousins7th Cousin
Isaac (1776) Nicholson8.42Distant Cousins6th Cousins
Sarah Nicholson5.11Distant Cousins6th Cousins 1x Removed

Thomas Berry and Sarah Elizabeth Martha Walker
James Enfield Berry6.41Distant Cousins7th Cousin

Before I got the chromosome and segment triangulation, I assumed I was not in the correct place based on the peach highlighted area above.  I didn't seem to fit that spot because I was too close for that match up. Now that I see the cM and segments, it seems more plausible.  They may not be accurate, but they do help.

So now to figure out what the next step down would be.  Once I eliminate the children that did not marry, or couples that did not have children, my choices are:

  • Louella DePriest and Ridley Thomas
  • Edward DePriest and Rose Etta (Rosie) Anderson
  • Lafayette (Fate) DePriest  and Vie Lasley
  • Tamer Jane DePriest  and John Y Harris
  • John DePriest  and Nellie Brooks
I already know I am going to get a match from Ridley Thomas's line.  His line is very familiar.  The Thomas's marry Nicholsons and Crowders and all kinds of people in Shannon County.  It will look like this:  The problem is, once again, this is how that highlighted match currently matches to me.  He is already really close for the numbers.  Even closer seems wrong.  I am not sure what to do about that.

One of Edwards children ends up in Eastern Washington, right in my territory.  I did a preliminary search, but his wife has not parents attached.  It is going to be very difficult to prove much without her line to match up to.  

.. and this is why I keep running in circles.  All these matches seem great, but they are very difficult to juggle.